Hard Drivin' Man - CD


Redline Rockets latest release is a limited pressing of just 100 CD's, each CD and jacket is hand numbered.  So these won't last long!!

Check out the songs on the TUNES page!

All orginals, and the best tunes by the Redline Rockets (so far)!


  1. Take the Fifth
  2. Hard Drivin' Man
  3. Rattlesnake
  4. Coming Attractions
  5. Hitch'n Yer Giddup
  6. Laugh Out Loud
  7. Redline Rocket
  8. You Really Done it Now
  9. Mr. Fool


$10....free shipping within USA!!

Datin' Satan - EP

Check out the Redline Rockets release on the legendary Rock-A-Billy Record Company! 

5 Song EP featuring all originals!!:

  1. Arrest That Man
  2. Datin' Satan
  3. $99 Guitar (v2) New version of Redline Rockets classic!
  4. First Truck Stop
  5. Kickin' & Screamin' (v2)  Another new verison of a Redline Rockets classic!!!

$5....free shipping within USA!!

Redline Rockets - CD

The classic CD released in 2009 by the Rock-A-Billy Record Company!
Twenty songs of pure bass slappin', guitar burnin', vocal yelpin', drum poundin', high octane rock-a-billy pleasure!!


  1. Redline Rocket
  2. Monkey See Monkey Do
  3. $99 Guitar
  4. Lonni Jean
  5. Ice Cold Beer
  6. Kickin' & Screamin'
  7. Woman Love
  8. Shut Your Mouth
  9. Summertime Blues
  10. Shakin' All Over
  11. Hitch'n Yer Giddup
  12. Stood Up
  13. Mean Machine
  14. All Mama's Children
  15. Hotcakes
  16. Twenty Flight Rock
  17. Good Rockin' Tonight
  18. Rock Around with Ollie Vee
  19. Flyin' Saucers Rock & Roll
  20. Wild Blue Wonder

$11.....free shipping within USA!!

Redline Rockets T-Shirt

Swanky T-Shirt with cool Redline Rockets logo on front, and legendary Rock-A-Billy Record Company label on back!!  

(comes in black only, is there really any other T-shirt color???)




$15....Free shipping within USA!!

Redline Rockets 8-Track

Redline Rockets 8-Track*

VERY Rare and Collectible!!!!!!!!

$3000.00....Free Shipping

*may or may not contain actual music from the Redline Rockets



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